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On Friday, September 15th, a group of Year 9 students and a group of Year 10 students attended two Bell-Shakespeare Workshops as part of their English Enrichment. The Year 9 group explored the play, Romeo and Juliet, as an extension to what they had been studying in class while the Year 10 group explored Othello, extending their class play study. The students were given the opportunity in the workshops to participate in activities that promoted understanding of the plays and their characters and themes as well as a chance to practise their acting skills! The workshop offered a valuable extension of the students’ classroom studies in that the students were guided by an experienced actor who demonstrated dramatic techniques. I think that all would agree that this was a wonderful experience for all, offering many opportunities for student participation and enjoyment!

Kathryn Wills
Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator

Writing with Charlie Archbold
From the Head of Junior School