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The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) recently concluded and highlighted the ever-increasing need for genuine and significant changes to our practices to reverse damage caused to the environment. This affirms the call to action by Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Si’ in 2015. We know that we must respond to this call and minimise our impact on the environment; however, we also know that it will take time to change procedures and existing practices to shift the culture of our community towards more sustainable practices.

More immediate action is required. It is for this reason that in 2023 Saint Ignatius’ College seeks to become a carbon neutral organisation. We hope this will encourage other schools to embark on this journey also. Through better tracking of our carbon emissions, we will be more effective in emission reductions. This will involve the purchase of carbon offsets to account for emissions resulting from the College, and over time, our offset costs will reduce as actions to minimise our environmental impact improve. We are currently collecting data for our 2022 carbon emissions to determine our offset requirements.

We will continue to plan and implement several projects to support our sustainability efforts including revegetation and weed removal around Fifth Creek to improve biodiversity, further integration of sustainability perspectives into our curriculum, change to our waste management contractors and processes including bin systems, and activating bore watering systems.

We are excited about these steps in our journey and hope that this will inspire our students and families to go forth and create a positive impact in a world which desperately needs all people to care for God’s creation.

Nicholas Hauschild
Sustainability Coordinator

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