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In the second week of the school holidays the Junior School hosted the Barca Academy soccer workshop.

Barca Academy is the official academy of FC Barcelona which uses the Barca coaching style of replicating the game model.

On Sunday the 8th of October Barca Academy ran a workshop which was open to current old scholar coaches and Year 12 students. The session began with an explanation of Barca Academy’s coaching purpose and structure.

The coaches discussed their methodology of a 5 Essential Game and 3 Focus Area structure and explained the value of using this coaching methodology in relation to participant skill development.

The Barca Academy coaches then paired with an Ignatius participant, developed their own game according to the methodology and then presented and ran the session with the group.

Our girls’ soccer captains this year Hannah McBain and Mia Sergiacomi spoke of their experience during the coach’s workshop:

The Barca Academy session was an extremely beneficial experience with professional coaches. We learnt so much that we can use for both our future playing and coaching endeavours. We encourage all Ignatius players and future coaches to get involved with as many opportunities offered by the college such as this rewarding experience.

From Monday the 9th of through to Friday the 13th the Barca Academy ran their student workshops throughout each day. Students aged 6 to 18 participated in an exciting day where they were placed in teams and rotated through a variety of games and activities that helped to develop their fundamental soccer skills.

Parents and students alike thoroughly valued the Barca Academy experience not only for is education in skill development but in creating such a fun and exciting atmosphere, they made the students feel like they were up-and-coming professional FC Barcelona players.

Brianna Gotting
Cross Campus Sports ESO

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