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The 2023 Artist in Residence is Adelaide based painter Marisha Matthews. Her expertise lies in painting large scale compositions, in oil paint, of subjects ranging from flowers and plants to highly polished silver jugs. Our student focused residence program is a regular feature within the Art and Design calendar. As staff, we believe it fosters an understanding of the work of professional artists while creating an awareness of the importance of developing transferable specialist skills.

Marisha’s focus, during the residency, has been on delivering a process that when followed diligently creates impressive results. She is currently instructing students in paint application using a brilliant analogy, “the paint should spread like butter, not Vegemite.” I assume she means soft butter! Another focus area has been expertly demonstrated through colour matching using small pieces of white paper placed alongside colour reference material.

Students from Year Eight to Twelve have been introduced to Matthew’s technique and the results are stunning. It has been delightful watching students respond with enthusiasm and pride. Their paintings feature still life items, flowers and portraiture, all captured with precision and flair.

Marisha’s generosity in terms of her sharing her specialised materials as well as her depth of knowledge is deeply appreciated. Both students and staff now have a deeper working knowledge of an alternative art-making process.

Mary-Anne Hobbs
Curriculum Coordinator of Art

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