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Rosina Possingham Designer/Artist in Residence for 2022

During her time at the College, Rosina has been highly enthusiastic about sharing her expertise. Her career in the Design Industry focuses on a broad range of products from community projects, including murals, to signage for institutions such the Museum of Design (MOD). She is the recipient of numerous grants, the most recent involving an initiative around the protection of the rare Copper Chequered butterfly. Rosina is inspired by the shapes observed within natural forms and is currently “obsessed” with the Ironbark Gum Tree. Its beautiful feathery pink flowers inspire many of her projects. Fortuitously, one of these trees stands majestically behind the Kostka Art building, its branches and flowers have been used directly as a source of inspiration for a collaborative painting.

Design and Art Students from year 7 to 12 have had an opportunity to learn about and experiment with the generation of digitally created imagery and in particular how to crop images successfully. Cyanotype, an ancient print making discipline, which relies on the sun interacting with light sensitive chemicals, has been a large part of the residency program. College students, across the years, have been fascinated by the process which bears some resemblance to certain darkroom practices.

A large group painting is presently being worked on by many students across year levels. The forms and colours were derived from the branches and flowers of the Ironbark Gum. The pastel colours which the students have mixed contrast dramatically against the dull green of the leaves.

The Art and Design faculty have been fortunate to have been given the resources and time to observe Rosina in action. Her knowledge and enthusiasm around letting the creative process inform ideas and decisions has positively impacted our learning experiences including our practice. We look forward to displaying the student’s work later this term.

Mrs Mary-Anne Hobbs
Curriculum Coordinator of Art & Design

Below: L–R Year 12 Art students working on the group painting, Rosina with Year 9 Art students, Cyanotype printing

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