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The Art and Design Faculty held an exhibition to showcase the work of the SACE Stage Two Visual Art’s students on Friday November 11, 2022. It featured the work of twenty students who studied Art, Design and Integrated Learning-Art and Religion. A diverse range of works demonstrated a high level of critical and creative thinking supported by sound practical skills. The Flynn Theatre Foyer provided the perfect setting for the exhibition opening which featured a highly articulate speech by Peter Coffey. He passionately referenced the link between Art and Religion and the appreciation of creativity that the Jesuits promote.

The works created by the Art students indicated their passion for portraiture and two-dimensional forms of representation. All students chose this genre to represent themselves or family members. They imbued their responses with symbolism to portray messages around identity, memory and technology. Isabella Laurendi received the principal’s award for the most outstanding painting in the exhibition. Amelia Klenke and Leticia Pham received awards for diligence and innovation.

Design students, under the guidance of Ms Minucci, produced a range of works ranging from the design of a boat shed to a Balinese Villa. Themes of character development and sustainability were evident in the responses presented by many of the students. Their ability to visualise, describe and synthesize their ideas was impressive and indicated their creativity and intuition. Poppy Fagan was awarded a prize for excellence, by Mr Coffey.

All the Integrated Studies students responded to the theme of Art in the Ignatian tradition by presenting artworks in response to “made in the image of God.” Emily McClory received an award from the College Rector, Fr Hosking, for her highly personal detailed response. All students presented their work as a series of three works raging from collaged images to multi-media works that featured three dimensional references to nature, all glorifying God.

Overall, students, family and staff supported the exhibition and contributed towards the success of the evening. It was wonderful to see our incoming principal, Ms Barbara Watkins, at the exhibition. She was extremely impressed by the ideas, practical skills and written statements that the students presented.

Mary-Anne Hobbs
Teacher of Art - Years 7, 9, 11 and 12

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