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On Saturday, 1st July, five Senior School aerobics teams competed in the South Australian FISAF State Championships. All the teams performed exceptionally well and should be very proud of their results.

Special congratulations go to the following teams who won Gold medals:

Secondary Small Team – Defiance

Secondary Advanced Team – Elevate

Secondary Pre-choreographed Phase 1 - Infinity

The following team received a commendable Silver medal for their performance:

Secondary Pre-Choregraphed Phase 2 – Dynamite

In September, three aerobics teams, Defiance, Elevate and Dynamite, will be travelling to the Gold Coast to compete in the College’s first FISAF National finals; we wish the squad well in their preparation for this exciting event.

I would like to thank all the students and coaches for their continuous hard work and dedication this year. The support of parents is also vital to the success of this sport; I would like to once again express my gratitude for their ongoing encouragement and assistance at each of the competitions.

At the Senior School, skill and development training continues in Term Three each Tuesday and Thursday morning; these sessions will commence in Week One.

Gabby Puntillo
Teacher in Charge – Aerobics

Defiance 2

Defiance - Piper Carr, Camille Gauducheau, Sara Ciccozzi, Amelie Ho-Mackinnon, Cleo Gadaleta

Electrify 2cropped

Electrify #2 - Sophie Tukja, Kate Haarhoff, Jada Seneca, Allegra Soman, Amelia Eddington, Ruby Hinton

Infinity 2

Infinity - Alinta Alessandrini, Sophia Jnguyenphamhh, Emily Polyak, Holly Roberts, Serafina Soman

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