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The Sacraments nourish our faith and strengthen our Christian character. From time-to-time people ask about help with receiving Catholic Sacraments. The College staff or your local Catholic Parish can assist any parents/guardians of students in other years who wish to receive any of the Sacraments.

At Saint Ignatius’ College, our Sacramental Program for Catholic students is offered alongside the Religious Education curriculum for students in Year 3 (Reconciliation) and Year 4 (Confirmation and First Holy Communion).

Year 3 students receive instruction in their Religious Education classes and can attend their first Reconciliation at the College during Term Four on either Wednesday, 25th October, 7pm or Wednesday, 1st November, 7pm in St Ignatius Church, Norwood.

Year 4 students receive instruction in their Religious Education classes and receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Communion on a Sunday in Term Three on either 30th July, 2:00 pm or

6th August, 2:00 pm at St Ignatius Church, Norwood.

These Sacraments are for those who have already been baptised in the Catholic Church. Families need to present a certificate of Baptism, which can be obtained from the Parish in which the Baptism took place. For students who have not received the Sacrament of Baptism and wish to do so, this can be arranged. If a student has been confirmed and/or baptised in another Church, and wishes to be received into the Catholic Church, they will need some instruction about this. Parents are encouraged to contact one of the College staff listed below or your local Parish to assist with this.

Parents or other family members may wish to discuss options for their own Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion or Reconciliation with one of us. Many parishes run a Rite of Christian Initiation as an Adult (RCIA) program including at Saint Ignatius’ Parish, Norwood (ph. 8332 0600).

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