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The Praestans Award at Saint Ignatius' College, celebrates exceptional service by staff members. Derived from Latin, "Praestans" signifies excellence, acknowledging contributions that surpass expected dedication and talent. This year, two outstanding individuals were honoured.

Firstly, Lisa Sexton, the Director of Junior Primary, has made an lasting mark on the Junior School community during her 18-year tenure. Lisa's leadership embodies the Jesuit principle of "cura personalis," fostering an environment where every child is valued and supported according to their unique needs. Her compassion shines through in her interactions with students, especially those with social and emotional needs, demonstrating her deep commitment to their well-being.

Lisa's enhancements to the Reception welcome program have facilitated smooth transitions for students, ensuring a sense of belonging from the start of their educational journey. Lisa has been a beacon of inspiration for her colleagues, implementing many contemporary pedagogical advancements. Her dedication extends beyond the school, participating in cultural immersion journeys, broadening her perspective, and strengthening connections with Ignatian and other educational leaders nationwide.

Lisa's exceptional qualities have led to her appointment as the Head of Junior School at Loreto College, a testament to her leadership capabilities. The Saint Ignatius' College community expresses deep gratitude for her dedication, extending heartfelt support as she embarks on this new chapter.

Secondly, Maria Minucci, an educator at the College since 1991, has made a great impact on the community. Her dedication, kindness, and commitment to the College's ethos set her apart. Maria's faith and her commitment to the College's values has guided her involvement so many extra activities such as Kairos retreats and immersions with the Tiwi people.

Maria’s leadership of Xavier House was generous and collaborative, and positively impacted students and staff. As the Arts and Activities program coordinator for many years, Maria was a dedicated leader supporting staff, developing innovations and deepening student participation, creativity and self-expression. She has an eye for detail and an ability to realise the big ideas.

Maria's exceptional contributions to the creative arts, including the production of musicals and other performances have been transformative experiences for students. Her dedication extended to accompanying students on cultural and musical tours. She edited the College's magazine for a number of years. And she assisted with the design of the Peter Faber music and drama centre and the Andrea Pozza art, design and technology building.

Maria Minucci's legacy at the College is a testament to her dedication, creativity, and compassion. Her impact on students, colleagues, and the broader community is deeply acknowledged. Saint Ignatius' College is grateful for her passion and unwavering commitment.

Congratulations to Maria and Lisa on being honoured with the College Praestans Award. We recognise your exceptional contributions, embodying the spirit of excellence and dedication. You have shaped the College community over many years and have also inspired future generations through your leadership, compassion, and unwavering commitment to service.

Fr Peter Hosking SJ

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