Campus Ministry

The College's Youth Minister; a full-time faith-based and pastoral care role.

In an era where students come to Christian schools from increasingly secular backgrounds, the role of Youth Minister places a young lay person on the staff of the College to provide a peer example of faith for students.

Working within the Campus Ministry, the Youth Minister has grown to become an important part of student development and pastoral care, offering interactive student liturgy, relevant student retreats, humanising charity work and an ongoing interest in the wellbeing of each student.

The goal of the Ignatian education is the formation of men and women who believe and act as though "love is measured in deeds, not words".  (St. Ignatius Loyola)

The College's old scholars come to recognise the significance of a Jesuit formation leading into adulthood, who may not acquire a traditional understanding of the faith, but who nevertheless come to view a faith that is strong, unique, and humanising.

Ms Danika Tremonte
Youth Minister & Ignatian Service Program Coordinator
8334 9304

"Our faith in God, our religion and prayer, are barren and meaningless, unless they open our eyes to our fellow human beings in need."

Father Peter-Hans Kolvenbach SJ
Superior General of the Society of Jesus
Address to the 6th World Jesuit Alumni Congress
Calcutta, January 2003