Committee Members 2017

OIA Committee Members:


President:  Eddy Glavas
(Class of 1992)
Vice President:  Sam Hooper
(Class of 2007)
Treasurer:  Daniel Panella
(Class of 2005)
Sports and Recreation Club Liaison Officer:  Jean-Marie Nguyen
(Class of 2014)
Social Justice Officer:  Maddy O’Brien
(Class of 2015)
Marketing and Communications Officer:  Christina Gavriliouk
(Class of 2015)
Secretary:  Vacant
General Committee Members: Steve Uren
(Class of 1988)
  Matthew Doman
(Class of 1980)
  Joshua Abbott
(Class of 1992)
  Carmine Ciccocioppo
(Class of 1988)
  Adrian Lanzilli
(Class of 1992)
A catholic, co-educational school conducted by the Jesuits.