The Mary Glowrey Centre - Junior School

Inspiring Human Excellence - A Place for Hearts and Minds to Ignite

I am delighted that the next stage in the College’s development has commenced at the Junior School. As always, we seek to build on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, and so, in keeping with our established master plan, this new multipurpose centre incorporates science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), music, a gymnasium, auditorium and classrooms.

The building is named The Mary Glowrey Centre. Mary Glowrey (1887−1957) was a medical doctor in Melbourne who, at the age of 32, joined a religious order in Guntur, India and served there for 37 years. In 2013, Mary was declared a Servant of God. Click here to read the story of Mary’s remarkable life.
The College has a responsibility to provide contemporary integrated learning spaces to support our 21st century students and future leaders. The need for a creative and imaginative mind is essential for the formation of each student, as is feeling, seeing, doing and aligning to the Ignatian philosophy through the head, heart and hands.
We understand our students must develop the skills and dispositions to help them become lifelong learners and in this new development, together with the support of our teachers to nurture and encourage them, they will become the best versions of themselves. 
We ask you to join our community of donors and contribute to the enrichment of our Junior School facilities so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. Please click here to be directed to our Online Giving Page.
Thank you and with every good wish
Mr Peter Coffey - Principal