The College is governed by a Council whose members are appointed by the Father Provincial of the Jesuit order following consultation with the College. When establishing School Councils for our Jesuit schools in the early 1990s, it was clearly decided that all members of Jesuit School Councils in Australia would be appointed by the Provincial and would not be representative of any constituencies in the school community. In other words, members are chosen for the particular skills and experience they bring to Council deliberations, and not to represent any specific groups or issues within the College community. College Council focuses its attention on developing policies that are enacted by College leaders. The Provincial Delegate for Education sits on College Council to represent the Provincial at all meetings.

Responsibility for the leadership and mission of the College is vested in the Rector, who delegates the day-to-day administration of the College to the Head of Senior School, Head of Junior School and Head of Business.

The governance and leadership of the College are guided, in all their decision-making and actions, by the mission of the College: to provide a Catholic education in a holistic fashion, consistent with our Ignatian charism, which is guided by the principles of Christian humanism. We endeavour to build on the generosity and wisdom of those who have gone before us to create an educational community that is loving, stable and sustainable, and earnestly engaged in the formation of young people in the image of Christ.  


Members of College Council

Dr Suzanne Le Mire (Chair)

Mr Ted De Poi (Deputy Chair)

Mrs Jennie Hickey (Provincial’s Delegate for Education)

Fr Robert Davoren SJ (Rector & CEO)

Mr Peter Coffey (Head of Senior School)

Mr Shaun Fitzpatrick (Head of Junior School)

Mr Rod Buchecker

Mrs Diane Campbell

Fr Michael Head SJ

Fr Gerard Healy SJ

Mr Jay Hogan

Mrs Gerry Lloyd

Mr Chris McCabe

Mr Paul Tanti

A catholic, co-educational school conducted by the Jesuits.