Senior School Tuckshop

The Senior School Tuckshop serves more than 600 children each day and provides approximately 100 prepared lunches in addition to counter sales.

The Tuckshop also orders supplies for Mission Days and the Year 12 Leaders Lunches as well as catering for parent gatherings, staff dinners and lunches, cocktail parties, intercollegiate Jesuit sporting carnivals, JesFest, College Council and Finance Committee meetings, and more.

In addition to permanent staff, the Senior School is fortunate to have a number of volunteers who support the Tuckshop on a rotational basis.

Thanks to the dedication of the staff and our many volunteers, we are able to provide a wide variety of delicious food with an increasing focus on healthy food options.

We warmly welcome new volunteers.

Lunch Orders

For students in the Middle and Senior Years, lunch orders must be delivered to the Tuckshop BEFORE the end of Recess.

Official bags can be collected from the Tuckshop, and all order bags – whether they are official bags or supplied from home – should have the student's name and year level clearly written on the bag and contain payment.

Students should be aware that lunch orders not delivered before Recess are unlikely to be filled.

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Contact Information

Mrs Rosalie Forth
enior School Tuckshop Manager
8334 9313

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