Programs and Structures

Every preschool class at Ignatius Early Years has a registered teacher with a minimum Bachelor of Early Childhood Education qualification. Each teacher has an early childhood assistant, and the class adult-to-child ratio is one:10 at the most.

Most children attend the Three and Four Year Old Preschool Program 8:30am-3:00pm during the school term. As per our licensing agreement, children must be three years old before they can start, and turn three before 30 April to start that year. Children who turn three after 1 May must start the following year. This allows children to be grouped with the children with whom they will start school.

Ignatius Early Years is an approved centre enabling our parents to access Child Care Rebate and Child Care Benefits. The IEY has been a Registered Centre since we opened in 2009.

Open for 48 weeks per year 7:30am-6:00pm.

School Term

Before Preschool Program           3-5 year olds      7:30am-8:30am
Preschool Program                           3-5 year olds      8:30am-3:00pm
After Preschool Program              3-5 year olds      3:00pm-6:00pm

School Holidays

Vacation Care Program                  3-5 year olds      7:30am-6:00pm

Minimum Attendance Requirements

Three year olds to attend a minimum of two (2) full days per week

Four year olds to attend a minimum of three (3) full days per week.

We have minimum attendance requirements to support each child to build connections with other children, adults and the environment, to provide continuity and to engage children fully in a quality program.

When making decisions about your child’s attendance at Ignatius Early Years we ask that you consider this continuity factor in all their care. To reduce the fragmentation of children’s lives we encourage parents to place their child solely with Ignatius Early Years rather than splitting care and preschool programs between multiple centres. This gives your child predictability with people and environments, allowing the continuity required to build identity and self-confidence. As Carla Rinaldi writes in her Adelaide Thinkers in Residence Report (2012-2013), “Rituality, rhythms, relationships and continuity are giving the child the possibility to recognise himself and to overcome small and big stresses and predicted change”.

Extended Care

Many of our parents also require extended care for their child. To meet this need, we also provide the before- and after-school care, and vacation care programs.

Ignatius Early Years is closed for four weeks over the Christmas and New Year period. Click here for access to the College calendar.

To provide continuity to the preschool program, our Extended Care Programs Coordinator works with all children from each room throughout the week, from 10:15am each day to 6:00pm. Educators who know the children well, having worked with them during the preschool term, staff the Vacation Care program.

The assistants from the preschool rooms commence at 7:30am and are joined by the Director to provide the Before School Care program. The children contribute to the centre set-up for the day with their ideas helping them to develop a sense of helpfulness and contribution to the group. There is also time for play or a special project.

All programs focus on:

Play – curiosity, exploration and making sense of the world around the child.

Inquiry – teachers look for the awe, wonder and special interests of the children that can link to a big idea or enduring understanding. Teachers then use these links to build, extend and co-construct their knowledge and understandings.

Creativity – the great minds of the world regard creativity to be of number one importance. The children are encouraged to express their imaginations and creativity in many ways.

Environment – awareness, respect and responsibility for the care of our environment is embedded into our program and practices.

Community – learning to be part of our vibrant and caring Ignatius Community as full participants also extends to opportunities in our Norwood Community where children’s voice can be raised.

Further information is available under curriculum.

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