Fidelis (Past Parents Association)

From the President

Dear Fidelis Members and Friends of Saint Ignatius' College

Fidelis was established in 1983 so that past parents and friends could maintain contact with the College, with each other and with the Jesuit community. Our main focus is to provide an opportunity for those with links to the College to come together in a social environment a few times a year to connect with each other.

Fidelis Committee

President:   Monica Klingberg (
Secretary:   Mary Connelly (
Treasurer:   Anne Rohrsheim (
Members:   Diane Campbell, Lizzie Bauze, Rae Crafter, Margie Davis, Trish Finnimore, Kerin Haslam, Aggie Marziale, Bernie Madigan, Moira Proud, Kay Rice, Denise Ryan, Sheelagh Steele, Joanne Waters, Louise Di Virgilio and Vanessa Kingsborough.

2017 Fidelis Events

Please place the following dates in your diaries: 

Sunday 20 August
Fidelis Afternoon Tea at the Senior School

Thursday 30 November
Fidelis Annual Christmas Celebration at the Junior School

On behalf of Fidelis, I invite recent past parents to join and be part of our association and, through it, continue your links and friendships with the College and other past parents and friends. 

Semper et Ubique Fidelis.

Monica Klingberg
President (0403 508 904)

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